Buccleuch seniors let derby day lead slip

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Buccleuch: Last Tuesday saw the senior men take a commanding 17-shot lead at home to town rivals Wilton with two ends to play. The game was far from over, though, as the visitors dug deep to secure victory by 59 shots to 54. Best for the home side were G. Moyes, J. Gray and W. Thomson (skip) 21-15.

The men battled bravely to record a narrow 85-81 win in last Wednesday night’s Border League fixture at Newtown. Tops for Buccleuch were J. Wallace, T. Little, R. Little and B. Gray (skip) 27-6.

Last Thursday, the senior men snatched defeat from the jaws of victory when falling 51-50 to hosts Gala, despite holding a five-shot lead with one end to play. Buccleuch’s winning triples were G. Moyes, J. Gray and W. Thomson (skip) 18-8, and R. Rorrison, H. Miller and A. Martin (skip) 13-11.

Hawick: The seniors shone in last Tuesday’s glorious weather to record a good 68 shots to 42 home win over Peebles. Top rink for the Teries comprised C. Logan, R. Graham and R. Lyall (skip). Details: R. McDonald 14 A. Allen 11; A. Wilson 14 M. Milloy 11; G. Lyall 18 A. Bower 11; R. Lyall 22 R. Reid 9.

Last Wednesday night saw the ‘A’ team slipping to a 78 shots to 65 defeat at home to Jed. Top rink for the home side was K. Smith, R. Johnstone, S. Clarkson and W. Anderson. Details: N. Amos 10 J. Taylor 23; L. Clarkson 8 E. Lindores 16; W. Anderson 21 G. Nagle 6; G. Lyall 18 D. Munro 14; G. Scott 8 D. Lightbody 19.

Friday night’s twice rearranged ‘B’ match resulted in an emphatic 76-42 defeat for Hawick away to Wilton, whose side included some of their ‘A’ players. Details: R. Redmond 20 A. Wilson 9; L. Forrest 21 R. Johnstone 12; S. Anderson 19 R. Bell 8; G. McPherson 16 T. Anderson 15.

The resurrection of the popular Pro-Am tournament on Saturday saw eight teams playing out some ding-dong battles, before the final between R. Bell and I. Ford resulted in a 10 shots to three win for the former.

Wilton: The five-rink team tasted defeat by 97 shots to 58 in last Wednesday night’s Border League tie at Lauder. The only winning squad for the West Stewart Place side was J. Thomson, F. Donaldson, R. Brady and R. Taylor (skip). Details: A. Weir 24 A. J. Kyle 10; A. Gilchrist 13 R. Taylor 21; I. Hogarth 25 G. Brownlee 7; L. Wilson 16 A. Brady 10; C. Ainslie 19 C. Macdougall 10.

Last Friday night saw the ‘B’ squad recording a comfortable 76 shots to 42 win at home to the Hawick club. After seven of the 17 ends the score was 35-16 for the hosts and this advantage was extended to 27 shots after 14 heads. Over the last section of the contest the home side added 13 to their total to six by their opponents to win by 34 shots. Top squads for Wilton were G. Paterson, E. Pollard, D. Macdougall and R. Redmond (skip), and K. Pringle, A. Dickson, M. Upton and S. Anderson (skip). Details: L. Forrest 21 R. Johnstone 12; G. McPherson 16 A. Anderson 13; S. Anderson 19 R. Bell 8; R. Redmond 20 A. Wilson 9; A. Brady 12 L. Clarkson 20.

A six-rink gents’ team ran out winners by 118 shots to 79 in Saturday’s annual fixture at Dudley. On a warm day the green ran well and the visitors won five of the six individual matches with one drawn. Top quartet for Wilton was M. Upton, K. Hill, F. Donaldson and D. Macdougall (skip). Details: S. Hawthorne 13 B. Millar 15; P. Whitten 15 W. R. Paterson 15; G. Brown 14 B. Jaffray 17; G. Fraser 16 G. Brownlee 21; R. Fyfe 9 D. Macdougall 33; G. Flight 12 S. Anderson 17.

The Borders’ third match of the Hamilton Trophy series against West Fife on the Wilton green, tomorrow (Saturday), includes local players Reece Taylor and Alan Brady (Wilton), and reserves Kirk Ford and Bill Anderson (Hawick). The team manager is Les Clarkson, also from the Hawick Club. The match starts at 2pm.

The six-rink Border under-25 side found themselves trailing 63 shots to 44 after ten ends of Sunday’s match against Midlothian at Penicuik. The hosts then increased their advantage to 113 to 77 after 18 of the 21 heads had been completed, However, the Border lads hit back to narrow the deficit to 17 shots and the final tally was 122 for Midlothian to 105 for the Borders.

The Border Under-25s’ third match of the series on Sunday at Chirnside will feature local bowlers Gavin Brady, Scott Clarkson, Simon Spalding and Kirk Ford (Hawick) and Ryan Brady, Michael Smyth and Reece Taylor (Wilton). Players to be at Chirnside for 1.30pm.