Armstrong revels in toughest game of season

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LEE Armstrong admitted Saturday’s match against Linlithgow was the toughest game of the season.

And now he’s looking forward to the biggest game of his career.

The Redskins stand off racked up an impressive 19 points in their hard fought semi-final victory over Linlithgow.

But his trademark attacking flair was forced to take a back seat as the home side defended doggedly throughout.

He told the Hawick News: “That was really tough, the toughest game of the season easily, but that’ll put us in good stead for next week because we’ve had a few easy wins up to now.

“We had the same game plan we’ve had all year. We couldn’t change anything, just spread the ball wide, keep their big forwards moving and keep turning them, tire them out and hit them on the counter attack.”

The former centre, who has taken the number 10 jersey this season with relative ease, had supporters’ hearts in their mouths as his failed chip kick in the second half was pounced on by Linlithgow to go over and take them to within four points of their hosts.

But he followed that up in the only way he knows how, with a sublime score that had fans in a frenzy on the touchline.

He said: “That was hands on the head stuff that, I was absolutely gutted, but luckily I got the try to make amends.

“I remember side-stepping one of their forwards and then the field just opened up for me. The next thing I knew I was jumped on by about 20 boys.”

Coach Jammy McFarlane admitted the passage of play was typical Lee Armstrong. He added: “He’s given the score away there, but then a couple of minutes later he’s gone up the field and he’s shown his other side by scoring a try that probably nobody else apart from Rory Hutton would have been able to score, and that’s Armstrong for you.”