Alan beats the odds to shoot two holes-in-one at Vertish

Alan Domingo
Alan Domingo
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TO get a hole-in-one is a dream come true for a golfer. To get two holes-in-one during the same round is beyond a golfer’s wildest dreams and is nothing short of a miracle.

Miracles, however, do happen, and Hawick’s Alan Domingo can certainly vouch for this. For in the Hawick Golf Club championships over the Vertish Hill last Saturday, Alan pulled off the absolutely amazing feat.

His dream day began on the par three eighth when his seven-iron tee shot landed straight in the hole without a bounce.

Carpet fitter Alan was on cloud nine but what was to follow was something out of this world as he went on to ace the par three 13th with a sublime four-iron shot.

Unbelievable stuff considering the chances of a club golfer getting a hole-in-one are 12,000-to-one and for them to get two in the same round is a staggering 67,000,000-to-one.

Alan told the Hawick News: “It’s taking a lot of sinking in what’s happened and I can’t really believe it. On the eighth I felt I’d hit a good shot and thought the ball had hit the flag. I didn’t realise it had gone into the hole until Malcolm Millar and Keith Hedley, who were playing along with me, started shouting and jumping about.

“I was pretty stunned when I realised what had occurred, but I was really thrilled and even started to think it was going to cost me a fortune to buy a round of drinks when I got to the clubrooms.”

However, it would be a lot more expensive for 37-year-old Alan. He added: “I was lucky enough to hit another good shot on the 13th and I saw the ball rolling towards the flag, then it just disappeared.

“I thought ‘surely it couldn’t have happened again’, but it had and after realising this I went into some sort of a trance for a while. I can’t remember much after it as my head was buzzing.

“When I finished I phoned my wife Tanya to tell her the news but she had heard before I came off the 15th through text messages.”