Here’s how to use the parental controls on Netflix

Here’s how to use the parental controls on Netflix
It's important to know what your children are watching is suitable for them (Photo: Shutterstock)

Streaming service Netflix has announced that it is to add age ratings to all of its content. However, accounts with access to all of the programmes will still be able to watch everything.

If, as a parent, you are concerned about your children watching inappropriate programmes or films, there are a few options for limiting access to certain titles on Netflix. This can be done on an account level and on a profile-by-profile basis.

Limit maturity level

If you want to limit the maturity level of content that can be viewed across every profile on your Netflix account, you need to access your account from a web browser.

You can then select the link for parental controls in the settings section and enter your password.

You will be asked for your PIN, and after you have filled that in you can choose an account-wide age limit (PIN protection level) according to the age rating of the content.

Block a certain title

If you only want to block access to a certain film or programme, you can type the title into the ‘enter show or movie name’ box and selecting it from the drop down menu.

Many parents will want to only limit access on the profile used by their children however, leaving themselves free to view what they like.

Add age restrictions to a certain profile

To add age restrictions to a specific profile within an account you need to log into your account on a browser and select to manage profiles, choosing which one you’d like to edit.

You’ll then have the option to select which shows are allowed on this profile, and will be able to select your desired maturity level.