Youth Services’ bid continued under delegated powers

Escape Youth Services’ bid for a £5,000 grant from Hawick Common Good Fund has been put on hold.

Sian Snowdon, Escape manager, told last Tuesday’s fund meeting that the cash would go to towards their staffing budget for the year ahead.

She added: “A lot of our three-year funding from external charities such as Children in Need and the Robertson Trust is coming to an end. We can go back to them at a later date but we have to have a gap in between. So the Common Good’s support would be really appreciated.”

Fund chairman, Councillor George Turnbull, said it was “very unusual for the common good to give grant money to cover staff wages, rather than if it had been £5,000 for new equipment or whatever. So there’s a little bit of a problem there and the application might have to be modified or continued.”

He continued: “All the councillors are very supportive of Escape Youth Services, but we just have to make sure we dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

“We’re going to continue the application under delegated powers to see the most up-to-date accounts and to seek clarification over the principle of the money being used to cover salaries.”

The final decision will be relayed to Mrs Snowdon as as soon as possible, added Mr Turnbull.

Escape Youth Services provides drop-in facilities for youngsters from primary six to 18 years old.