Viv vetoe a ‘monumental mistake’

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Having campaigned for months to obtain a grant of £3,000 to erect a memorial to Viv Sharp, one of Hawick’s most respected and loved sons, to recognise his contribution to our community, and the dignity which he portrayed throughout the Borders and beyond, it was within hours of publication of last week’s Hawick News that my faith in human nature and justice was rewarded with an offer from a local registered tradesman to supply all materials and labour free of charge to
complete the project which is supported by our community.

The vetoe imposed by the community council does not stand up to scrutiny as they implied a precedent would be set if permission was granted. We already have a beautiful memorial adjacent to the A7 on the outskirts of the town which enhances the environment in which we live.

One of the assets and benefits of the project will be a paved area contained within two walls, a maintainance-free bench seat, and an appropriate engraved plaque inserted in one wall, so young and old can sit or lean to enjoy the reverberations from the Hut, while reflecting on the memories of one of Hawick’s most humble sons, who promoted our Common-Riding worldwide, and provided musical renditions never to be forgotten.

It is by writing this letter that I hope the vetoe imposed by the community council will be recinded, that an apology is made for a monumental mistake, and that an early decision will now be made to endorse this project and rejoice in this with our celebrations for memorial year, and I Like Auld Hawick The Best ringing in our ears.

Mo Wear