Unfair attack on hard-working councillor

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FURTHER to last week’s letter on plans for a new pharmacy at Burnfoot, I really felt that much of it was an unfair and personal attack on Councillor Stuart Marshall who is, in my opinion, by far the most approachable and hard-working councillor there has been in the area for as long as I can remember.

Can I remind the unnamed letter writer that Mr Marshall was voted in by a massive majority of the public, and that around 18 months ago, 11 out of 12 members of Burnfoot Community Council voted against the pharmacy bid, so I think it’s safe to say that Mr Marshall is representing the views of most of his Burnfoot constituents, and not just his own standpoint. The community council did some research on the company behind the pharmacy proposal, and it turned out that the firm in question had been refused permission to open up in several housing estates in Glasgow due to issues with methadone prescriptions. It was felt that the pharmacy, and the drug users it may attract, would be problematic and jeapordise all the hard work by police and councillors, including Mr Marshall, which has gone into making the shops area an extremely safe place again.

Finally, Crosby’s does deliver a great service, but I would welcome a public meeting with the pharmacy company, instead of them trying to get in the back door.