Treatment of parish priest was appalling

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WITH regards to your recent story, ‘Probe-call priest removed from Hawick parish’, I would like to say that I am appalled at the treatment Father John Robinson has received from local parishioners in Hawick and Kelso.

Father Robinson has been involved with my family for many years, both locally and in Edinburgh, and we all have the utmost respect for him as both a man and a priest.

Over the Christmas and New Year period when my father was dying, I called many different local parishes for a priest to administer the Last Rites. After leaving messages and talking to several people, the only priest who responded was Father Robinson. And after my father’s death, he was a great source of comfort and strength in our time of need.

Also, let us not forget that it was Father Robinson who called for an investigation into the Catholic church over years of child abuse and cover-ups, risking his position in the church to expose the actions of his colleagues and fellow priests, and to stand up for justice.

I hope the people who complained about Father Robinson’s conduct, and who have had him ousted from his position in the Borders, are satisfied with their own conduct. It is all too easy to make complaints, and I suspect it was more a case of his face didn’t fit. The Borders has lost a great priest and a good man.

Natalie Marcantonio