Traffic flow should be on the agenda

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On reading last week’s Hawick News story on the amount of empty shops on the High Street, I noted that neither MP Michael Moore or MSPs John Lamont and Paul Wheelhouse, and not even one of our elected Scottish Borders councillors mentioned the direction of travel of traffic along the street.

Two people commenting on your Facebook page, in my opinion, hit the nail on the head. Kay Hughes said: “The one-way system through Hawick directs through traffic away from the High Street.” While Cameron Hogg said: “The one-way system should have gone the other way.”

Weeks ago, I was talking to a local butcher who has a shop on the High Street and he was adamant the direction of traffic along the High Street was wrong.

Perhaps the local committee set up to look at the High Street could put on the agendas the pros and cons of the direction of traffic along our High Street. Let members of the committee ask the shopkeepers who remain which way they would prefer traffic to flow along the High Street.

The status quo is not
working and change could breathe new life into our High Street.

Jamie Batten