Time for cuts councillor to tell constituents the truth

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AFTER reading last week’s Soap Box column by Concillor Davie Paterson, I feel compelled to make my views publicly known.

In recent months, several high-ranking officials from Scottish Borders Council have received some very large sums of money on them leaving the local authority, and only recently your paper has reported on a recruitment drive for new directors at SBC, with huge salaries being on offer.

Councillor Paterson then rants on to say that his employer is not inefficient. Come off it, Davie! Tell that to the carers whose night shift allowance is being hacked.

I can only add that I find it a real shame that this once hard-hitting councillor, who, for many years could pack a huge punch in opposing cuts, now finds himself sticking up for the department that pays him a big salary for the privilege.

Tell the truth, Councillor Paterson, and be honest with the people in your ward.

Tell them that if you weren’t being paid so highly as a portfolio holder, then you, too, would have voted with the Tories and other Hawick councillors to retain the garden waste service.

My family is one that won’t be voting for Mr Paterson next time around.