Thanks from local Yes and No camps

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Yes Hawick would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers and supporters. Our volunteers were all local and all unpaid, and most of them had never been involved in politics before. They gave enormous amounts of time, energy and enthusiasm to run a great campaign.

The votes in Hawick itself were very encouraging and give us a strong platform to build on. Thank you to all who voted in such great numbers, and special thanks to those who voted Yes.

Although we are disappointed with the overall result, we know that the campaign was not played on a level playing field. The frankly ludicrous scare stories from big businesses, Westminster and the mainstream media didn’t put off 45 per cent of Hawick from voting Yes. We stand proudly with over 1.6 million people in Scotland who voted for independence.

Yes Hawick is still up and running. If you want to join us to work towards a fairer, more prosperous, Scotland, then get in touch on the Yes Hawick Facebook page.

Yes Hawick

On behalf of the Better Together campaign, I would like to thank the voters in the Borders for turning out in such large numbers in the recent referendum on the future of the United Kingdom.

Whilst I am very pleased by the overwhelming No vote from the Borders electorate, everyone must now move forward to secure the best future of Scotland within the United Kingdom.

I am very grateful to the dozens and dozens of volunteers from across the Borders who worked so hard to achieve this historic result.

John Lamont MSP