Tax fears for independent nation

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The 18th of September is fast approaching and I really hope that on the 19th we will still be part of the United Kingdom.

The thought of Scotland becoming independent is very worrying and I fear if that happens our cost of living will go through the roof.

In an interview a few days ago, SNP leader Alex Salmond stated that he wants free child care so that mothers and fathers can go back to work and pay taxes. He also wants to allow more immigrants to come to live and work in Scotland, also to get more taxes into the coffers. This just proves something that has been said over and over – there are not enough tax-payers in Scotland at the moment to pay for a growing aging population.

I have to also wonder where the government would find the billions of pounds it would take to open, staff and maintain embassies/consuls all over the world, set up and run tax offices, start up and operate a passport office. Speaking of which, if Scotland becomes independent do all of us who have UK passports have to have them changed to Scottish ones, and if so at what cost to us?

Of course, the SNP will roll out the old chestnut that “we’ve got oil reserves” but I don’t believe for one minute that this will be enough to pay for everything needed to become independent, and I’m pretty sure we’d see an increase in our income taxes.

Mr Salmond has also used countries such as Norway as an example of how an independent Scotland could be, but what he doesn’t point out is that they have a much higher cost of living than we do, and I read somewhere that their basic income tax is 26 per cent.

In another recent television interview, Mr Salmond stated that the Westminster government wants to take Britain out of the EU and he was quite indignant when he said that this would be without the will of the Scottish people. Really? When did Scotland have a referendum on this subject?

Exactly . . . the Scottish people have never taken a vote on whether to stay in or leave the EU and I find it very arrogant of him to dare speak for us when, in fact, he is speaking for himself and the SNP government.

I would just like to point out that the reason I don’t wish my name to be used here is quite simply the fact that I have no intention of setting myself up for some of the hatred and vile comments that I’ve read on some folks’ Facebook pages against anyone who is for staying in the United Kingdom. As far as I’m concerned, we live in a democracy and those of us who wish to vote No to independence have just as much right as those who want to vote Yes.

Might I also add for those who think the Hawick News is biased regarding the referendum, I’ve paid particular attention to people when I walk along the High Street and I’ve yet to see anyone with either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ stamped on their forehead!

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