Tapestry offer sounds fine – but wait!

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Cash strapped Scottish Border Council have been ‘offered’ the Holyrood Tapestry. That all sounds fine but having scrapped garden waste, dog wardend and traffic wardens the SNP led admimnistration at St Boswells are thinking about bringing the tapestry to Tweedbank. And after our councillors who sit in their ivort towers at H.Q have carried out a feasibility study a new building may be required to house it at a cost of £5m.

Let no one forget the Scottish Borders Council sponsored train will terminate at Tweedbank next year, will it bring with it tourists and visitors to see the tapestry? Who knows. And a feasiibility study will cost money to carry out.
If Scottish Borders Council feels it can find the money, with help from the Scottish government no doubt, to house this tapestry then they should choose to leave the tapestry where it is and reinstate the green bin collections, traffic wardens and dog warden service. These three measures alone would please an awful lot of people and in my opinion, far more than would ever choose to come to Tweedbank by train to see the Holyrood Tapestry.

Jamie Batten