Tapestry consultation is a must

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I have read with interest the proposed project relative to the Scottish Tapestry.

I believe that it is a very beautiful and colourful piece of art.

Having said that I find it unpalatable that Scottish Borders Council are to spend some £3.5 million on a visitors centre at the end of a railway line to house this fine work.

There are so many pressing and important issues for the infrastructure of our Border towns that are not being addressed by the council and the electorate, too, must be finding it difficult to understand the rationale behind such a huge spend on a building to house a tapestry at a railway line terminus with no infrastructure.

I understand there has been a feasibility study, so who asked who about what? Has evidence of this study been published? It was, after all, paid for by public money.

Where is the business plan and more importantly the financial detail and its implications?

Yes, public interest will be tremendous when it opens then it will fall away.

Will it be the end of the line for the tapestry after a few years and Scottish Borders Council / Managing Trust will not be able to continue with the maintenance, staffing and upkeep?

There are so many excellent locations in the Borders – the recently commissioned visitors centre at Abbotsford House, many large and beautiful houses, along with other possibilities such as the Scott Gallery at the Hawick Museum have these options been explored? Surely this piece of art which depicts Scottish heritage should be located along with other art works making a visitors interest worthwhile.

The two very good councillors who have resigned from the administration over this are trying to be heard on behalf of the people they represent.

The fundamental question is this, does the council intend to ignore public opinion and move on with a project which may not sustainable long term. Surely it would be appropriate for the council to hold a public consultation on such an important issue.

A petition has been commissioned relative to this project and it is really important that the electorate / residents of the Borders participate in this to make SBC aware of opinion whether for or against

I respectfully request that this consultation takes place.

Marion Chrystie