Stick to what is deliverable, candidate told

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In the first of your General Election series last week, we had SNP Candidate Calum Kerr claiming that with the railway coming in September, we need to start a feasibility study to extend it to Hawick “fast”.

Mr Kerr must be very unaware that on Monday, September 22, four days after the independence referendum, now ex-First Minister Alec Salmond said in a visit to Tweedbank that the railway would have to “prove itself” first before any considerations could be made regards an extension of the line.

It’s a bit like a prospective SNP Scotish Borders Council councillor over here in Selkirk in 2007 who stood with his main priority to “Fight for a bypass!” He did win, but went very silent on his ambitions for the next five years in office when shortly after the elections the SNP-led government made it clear there was no chance of a bypass this side of 2030 at the earliest.

Perhaps Mr Kerr will learn early in his campaign not to make suggestions that fly in the face of SNP Government policy as they are just not going to happen and instead stick to what is deliverable.

I eagerly anticipate vast amounts of hot air flowing forth from all candidates in the next few weeks, many of whom with noses the size of Pinocchio’s!

Brian Hill