‘Small-minded’ flag critic

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I would like to respond to the letter in last week’s paper from the reader who was left with mixed emotions after having watched 1514 – The Musical, with regards to the use of Hawick’s Standard in the production.

I appreciate everyone is entitled to an opinion but nothing can be gained, other than encourating tongue-wagging, by highlighting this in the column of the local paper, and I find it all rather small-minded.

First of all, I would like to confirm that I, personally, contacted the Common-Riding Committee chairman and master of ceremonies to find out their views on this, and no problems arose. The decision was not made lightly but it was felt appropriate to mark the end of this tremendous year in the right way.

The same flag was also used at the re-enactment at Hornshole in May. It was well respected and cared for at all times and touched by only the young lad depicting the returning youth, by myself, and by Ex-Cornet Craig Rodgerson. The meaning of the flag has certainly not been devalued. Let’s remember that it does not belong to the principals but the town itself.

Secondly, the said flag used was not the new flag introduced at this year’s Common-Riding. For me, this has slightly tarred what has been a tremendous year for our town.

There have been many people working extremely hard to make sure 2014
will be a year to remember by all.

I feel privileged to have been part of several events, and 1514 – The Musical was outstanding and a credit to everyone involved, especially the kids. The look on their faces when the flag was produced was priceless. It was also commented on by audience members who were breathtaken with the live depiction of our newest town statue.

Our flag is an important part of our town’s history and what this musical was all about, and so, what better than to let ‘it’ take ‘centre stage’ at the very end of this year’s celebrations.

And on a final note, no, if you ask nicely you will not “get to wave it at a football match or something”. That, I’m afraid, is just plain stupidity.

Ex-Cornet I. T. Nichol

How depressing to read the letter in last week’s pape regarding the use of the flag in 1514 – The Musical. I had been expecting to see several letters praising the show, deservedly. But what did we get? A whinge of giant proportions about the fact that a genuine standard was used and paraded about.

Not once in the whole show was the flag ever devalued, in fact it was treated with great respect, bordering on reverence.

Also, the writer’s sweeping assertion that Hawick has nothing other than the flag and the Common-Riding is a massive insult to our town and its inhabitants, past and present.

We all know things aren’t good right now in terms of employment and shop closures, but still at the heart of everything, Hawick is special and a good place to live. Let’s remember that and our brave ancestors who have gone before.

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