Show respect for KOSB badge

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I WAS delighted to see such a large turnout of marchers and spectators at the war memorial today and all credit to everyone, pipe band, saxhorn band, bugler and piper and anyone else who contributed to make this parade a success.

However I was a wee bit concerned to see the number of people who are obviously not entitled, wearing the K.O.S.B regimental badge. I quote: “Badges are protected by the Defence Act including the wearing of the badge.

“Under no circumstances should you wear a regimental badge or an accoutrement that you are not entitled to wear.” This applies to any regimental badge or medals.

In the First World War 359 officers and 6,500 K.O.S.B men, were killed, around 70 Hawick men at Gallipoli, wearing this badge.

I would appeal to all those who consider putting the K.O.S.B badge in their Glengarrys to have some respect and observe the sanctity of those who gave their lives for your benefit and perhaps wear a clan or some other badge.