‘Shock and disgust’ over Mair incident

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I would just like to let your readers know about an incident at the Mair on Common-Riding Saturday, when three young girls were sworn at by a steward after asking him if they could make their way to the centre of the racecrouse at a designated crossing point.

The youngsters, who looked no older than 11, were met with the following response: “You can’t f*****g get over now.”

I firmly believe these young girls, all of whom were very well behaved, must have felt intimidated in the extreme, and I just wish I had asked them their names.

I was at the Mair with four visitors from Southampton and Stirling, and to say they were shocked and disgusted at this man’s behaviour is an understatement. The Hawick people in our company were also totally disgusted.

D. J. Sharkey