Service should be reinstated

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I am writing to you about my experiences of travelling to Borders General Hospital from Hawick. My name is Catherine Moody (nee Oliver), and I’m a Teri. Although I moved away a long time ago, I’m still a frequent visitor to the town, but unfortunately my most recent trip wasn’t a pleasurable one.

I, like many others, had to visit the BGH daily for appointments and to see loved ones, and I felt a real sense of them being let down by Scottish Borders Council which has stopped the hospital bus service after it ran out of funding.

Why didn’t the council approach the community for a reasonable donation to keep a service going that is greatly needed?
It was bad enough for some to have to make the journey to Huntleyburn every day, but to make the trip longer by having to change at Selkirk/Galashiels, wait for a connection which is often late, is just not good at all. And, of course, Sundays are worse, according to those I’ve spoken to who have no choice but to use the bus at the weekend.

So with all that said, isn’t it about time for a concerted push to get the No.71 reinstated? Couldn’t the town’s community council have a look at its budget and prioritise some funds to get the service up and running again? Coupled with a small donation from passengers, it could work.

Hawick and the Borders is a great place to be, so come on everyone, let’s get together for the No.71.

Catherine Moody

Isle Of Wight