Sir, — 'Absolutely magic', 'Simply the Best', 'Pure dead Brill', 'The Best av aw', that's only a few of the words that describes Hawick Common Riding 2003.

I can only say a huge well done to the 'Big 4' that led this year's festivities.

The Cornet and his Lass under the watchful eye of the Acting Father and Acting Mother have done a superb job in lifting the spirit of the town. Ian Landles spoke in the hut on Friday morning and gave us the five 'F' words, the Flag, the Fields of the common, the Folk, the Feelings and the Future.

I would like to give you the five 'P' words Provost: what a great ambassador we've had in this year's new Provost when she's spokenof the Common-Riding the message has come from the heart.

Procession: this always draws folk and what a tremendous welcome this year's procession got from the town's people.

People: we have a friendliness and camaradene second to none, you just had to be up the mare to experience and feel the atmosphere.

Passion: what an array of talent we have in the town that can put this passion into our song and verse.

Pride: we are all proud of "Oor grey auld toon" our history and heritage and our love for it, will never die and that's what makes Hawick "Queen O 'a' the Border's". "So teris yin an aw we've just hed yin o' the best av aw". Well done everybody. I am, etc.

Sir, — Re; Letter in last week's 'News' "Hardly the Way to Welcome New Tenants".

The staff and board members of SBHA were disappointed to read the above letter.

SBHA is very willing to investigate legitimate complaints about its service and to take all reasonable steps to improve it.

However, we cannot react constructively to criticism which has neither the author nor the individual applicant or house identified.

In fact, the letter's content appears to describe historical, rather than current SBHA practice in the allocation of vacant houses.

SBHA has a clear complaints policy and we would be most willing to deal with the issues raised by your correspondent in accordance with that policy. SBHA is committed to delivering a high quality service to our tenants and prospective tenants, and the issues raised in the letter will be investigated. However, as I am sure you will appreciate, SBHA cannot respond to an anonymous letter containing quite unspecific allegations. Neither would we expect to carry out such an investigation into the issues raised via the Press. Iam, etc

Mrs Cambridge

Chief ExecutiveSir, — I have just read the letter in last week's issue of the Hawick News, and I refer to the 'One way will benefit all' from 'Gemini'.

I have to agree with 'Gemini' with what he or she says. I had occasion to drive along the High Street today (I usually always use Commercial Road), and although the surface at present, is a disgrace, there were no traffic jams, and the traffic was flowing extremely smoothly, even although the road has been greatly narrowed in places, and this helps the pedestrians, and that includes myself!

I think it will be a huge improvement, when complete, but only if it is kept one way. Even cars parked at the side of the road, did not create a problem.

I do hope the planners take time out from their 'ivory tower' at Scottish Borders Headquarters, for a few days, and observe how smooth the traffic moves along High Street, before they revert the system back to 'two way' if that is their intention.

If it doesreturn to 'two way', I feel, like 'Gemini'that the planners will create a total disaster, we will see a return to horrendous jams, noise, congestion,and long delays in High Street. Iam, etc.