‘Ridiculous’ garden waste plan

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after reading last week’s paper, I wanted to say that the proposal to scrap garden waste collections is absolutely ridiculous. Scottish Borders Council really does come up with some weird ideas.

Yet, the local authority has decided to recruit two deputy chief executives on salaries of £105,000 each, nearly double the salary of an MP. There is a saving of £210,000 for a start.

The council should be reducing the number of employees which would save thousands.

In my opinion, there should be nobody employed at SBC headquarters on salaries exceeding £50,000. And all employees, including management, should be multi-skilled.

I would be interested to know what our local parlimentarians think of the council’s garden waste proposal. Arethey going to sit back and let it happen?

Just a thought, but would a private company not be able to take on the garden waste collections at a reasonable cost to the public purse?