Ramsay Road grass-cutting concerns

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With regards to last week week’s letter from Councillor Davie Paterson, I, too, have concerns about grass cutting.

As a Ramsay Road resident, one half of our grass at the front was cut last Tuesday (but I use the word ‘cut’ very loosely). I was not happy with the amount of grass left on the paths and stairs, and tried to phone Mr Paterson. However, the message on his answer phone stated I couldn’t leave a message, but that I could phone again.

I was away last Wednesday morning when the other half of the grass at the front of our block was ‘cut’. I tried again to phone Mr Paterson without any success.

On Thursday, the grass on the stairs was wet and slippy, and once again I tried to get in touch with Mr Paterson, but was met with the same message. So I then phoned Scottish Borders Housing Association who said they would look into my concerns.

Well, the mess is still here, and I hope it will be cleaned up before the Common-Riding because it looks dreadful.

Sheena Nelson