Question for Paterson over who is boss

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Sheer hypocrisy is the best that can describe Councillor Davie Paterson’s attack on Scottish Borders Housing Association for failing to keep the areas of the town it is responsible for clean and tidy (Hawick News, September 25).

While I would not defend SBHA, we should equally demand that Councillor Paterson, the person responsible for environmental services and who pockets £500 per week for that privilege, takes full responsibility for his highly-paid role.  

One example is the Mote, a treasured historical site and key visitor attraction for the town. He failed to take any meaningful action when its overgrown and weed-infested state was brought to his attention and now it is an even bigger eyesore and an embarrassment to our town.

A simple question to Councillor Paterson: Who is the boss – you or the council officials? I think we all know the answer given recent antics surrounding the removal of garden waste collectons, the tapestry, 30 years of dog fouling and much more.

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I refer you to page three of last week’s Hawick News when once more I was utterly disgusted to read Councillor Davie Paterson coming to the defence of Scottish Borders Council [over the mess in Howegate], and while doing so he decided to have a cheap swipe at Scottish Borders Housing Association. It is amazing how paying someone more than £500 per week has certainly calmed him down.

Then, on page 17, I read again in utter disgust that this once ferocious lion had put the boot into SBHA for a second time, on this occasion for allegedly failing to maintain a couple of former rose bushes near to his home.

I think Mr Paterson has once again taken his eye off the ball because instead of shouting about a few rose bushes, he should, as the [council’s environmental services] portfolio holder, be shouting to his bosses at the council to get our once beautiful and iconic 12th-century earthwork, founded by the Lovell family and known and loved by us all in the town as the Mote, restored to its former glory.

One of the focal points of our town is an absolute disgrace, as is the man who is charged with looking after it.

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