Petrol prices fuel shopper’s discontent

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I’M sure that I won’t be the only resident of Hawick who feels that we are being mugged by our local supermarkets when it comes to the price of fuel.

At the time of writing, prices at both Morrisons and Sainsburys have remained unchanged for several weeks, while all around us prices have fallen. Garages in Galashiels are cheaper by as much as 3.2 pence per litre on diesel, and even an independent garage in Selkirk is able to sell cheaper than our big stores.

It appears that the occasional offer of five pence a litre off vouchers, if you do your weekly shop, is cynically clawed back when they think it will go unnoticed. I am very much in favour of spending locally and supporting the town’s businesses, but I will not patronise a store that takes me for a fool.

Although inconvenient, by visiting Galashiels for a weekly shop and filling up the car at the same time I can actually save money.

Our local supermarkets should be aware, taking their customers for granted in this way will not earn them the respect needed to maintain a healthy customer base.