Paterson out of green bin firing line

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Councillor Davie Paterson has repeatedly told us that he tried to reverse the decision to remove garden waste collection, the last time in a Hawick
News story published on
August 29.

However, he has now told us that although he can legitimately take part in the related petition hearing he will declare an interest and absent himself.

This hearing would have provided the ideal platform for him to demonstrate his personal support to his constituents and also to the Borders public, confirming the integrity of his previous statements.

If he needed any reassurance that his involvement was welcome then a recent public endorsement to that effect by Andrew Farquhar, the petition organiser, should have been more than enough.

Or is this, as many people suspect, a case of Councillor Paterson deliberately taking himself out of the firing line and creating as much distance as he possibly can from what continues to be a public relations shambles for him and Scottish Borders Council.

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