Paterson: My letter was factual, not abusive

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I wasn’t going to reply to the cowardly person who couldn’t even put their name on the letter (Councillor’s ‘cheap swipes’, December 18), instead choosing to hide behind the usual “Name and address supplied” – but I was merely pointing out the facts that some councillors choose not to sit on any committees at Scottish Borders Council and just turn up for the full council meeting every six weeks. This is fact, not personal abuse, and if anyone cares to look up what committees their councillors are on, they may get a surprise.

Perhaps the letter-writer should be asking why some councillors choose to take their massive salaries and refuse to sit on any council committees. As I have said before, being a councillor means you have to make difficult decisions that will not please everyone, or, of course, you can stand back and watch everyone else make the decisions that affect the folk you are supposed to represent.

Also, and if I remember correctly, I was originally replying to a letter (Councillor not surprised that critic is having another go, December 4), from a community councillor from Burnfoot who gave chapter and verse on an area forum meeting that he wasn’t even at. Was this community councillor coached in some way by someone who gave their version of what happened at the meeting? All very strange.

Councillor Davie Paterson