Parker just doing his own thing at SBC

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Since Scottish Borders Council became a unitary body, democracy seems to have gone out of the window.

I remember former council leader Drew Tulley who seemed to rule the roost single-handedly. Now, the current incumbent, David Parker, rides roughshod over all his Borders constituents, taking no notice of them, and really just doing his own thing.

Neil Ballantyne’s letter (Hawick News, August 21), even found out under Freedom of Informationrequests that Mr Parker has been
talking with a “forked tongue”.

I realise that Mr Parker, as an “independent” council leader, is head of the SNP coalition at St Boswells. However, he must listen to all people in the Borders and rule by consensus, and not impose his own personal agenda on all of us.

I cannot wait until May 2017 when the council elections might bring about a regime change. One never knows, but can only hope.

Jamie Batten