No horses are going to enter Hawick

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SO ALAN Brown and D. W. write to say they are disappointed that the Big Four have not been invited to represent Hawick in the Flodden remembrance ride. Why?

Surely Mr Brown and the rest of the 1514 Committee should know that the Battle of Flodden has absolutely nothing to do with Hawick Common-Riding.

It was the older men of Hawick who sacrificed their lives in 1513 on ‘the bloody fields of Flodden’ (‘Where our fathers fell with honour’).

Then a year later, that’s 1514, the youths who stayed from Flodden rode to Hornshole to capture the flag.

So if Philip Murray is guilty of anything, then it is the fact that he has actually sat down and thought about it – unlike some folk.

In my mind Mr Murray has got this spot on. Seven ‘aulder yins’ carrying, not the Hawick flag, but a specially commissioned Flodden flag, which incidentally will be carried into Hawick by the Cornet, then presented to the Provost and Acting Senior Magistrate – that’s the Acting Father by the way.

No horses will enter Hawick at all, so Mr Brown and co have it wrong again.

Next year the youth of Hawick will get their chance to remember Hornshole in what we hope will be a great spectacle.

But because a few narrow minded people cannot see past their own noses, this event has been tarnished and Hawick will be the laughing stock once again. Unless, that is, the people of Hawick ‘Rally Roond’ and support what will be a fantastic spectacle.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Murray and wish all those ‘auld yins’ taking part in the ride all the best. Enjoy every minute, you deserve it just as much as anybody else/

Yours Aye