‘News’ is ‘letting down readers’ on independence

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It was with utter disgust that I read the article in the Hawick News last Friday highlighting the speech given recently in the Evergreen Hall by Michael Moore MP, an event which only attracted around 18 towns folk.

The sheer amount of column inches dedicated to this poorly-attended event was unnecessary, especially when in the same week Yes Hawick had more than 70 volunteers campaigning in the town, attracting vastly more interest on the High Street than Mr Moore’s meeting, yet this positive event barely got a mention at the end of the Moore article.

While I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I also believe that there should be balance in the reporting of the debate, and that the Hawick News has a duty to report fairly and without bias on such an important subject. I feel that the Hawick News is letting its readers down by constantly favouring the No side of the debate and playing down the Yes camp.

I have a thirst for information which I feel the Hawick News is just not providing, there is no such thing as a debate when only one side’s voice is heard. Would it be too much to ask to see an article in the Hawick News giving as much attention to the Yes side of the debate? Or at the very least to see each side given equal amounts of prominence in your independence articles.

Audrey Gillies