‘Memory loss’ councillor under fire over motive behind grass cutting comments

I HAVE to ask, did Councillor George Turnbull lose his memory when he lost his position on the administration of Scottish Borders Council, or was it selective memory loss to appease the members of Hawick Community Council, and then pass the buck onto SBHA, shirking the responsibility himself?

I refer, of course, to the grass cutting cuts.

I would like to fill in a few of the missing facts from Councillor Turnbull’s statement.

1. The council has never in the past uplifted grass cutting from the areas maintained by SBHA. Not even when it (Scottish Borders Council) had the contract, let along when it (SBC) owned the areas. So how SBHA can remove a service to save money that never existed stumps me.

2. Scottish Borders Council fails to spray the surrounding areas as it used to. No doubt cut back in the budget rounds by Mr Turnbull and his Tory friends at the council!

3. I do believe that this has been the wettest summer on record and everyone involved in maintaining a garden knows how hard it has been to get perfection. As a result, grass cutting has not hit the gold medal heights this year, but if Mr Turnbull can change the weather, then I’m sure the place will look nicer next year.

A few questions for our councillors just to finish: Is SBC saving money by not cutting the grass from the rugby club up the riverside on top of the banking?

And why doesn’t the local authority cut the grass on the banking at the bottom of Burnfoot Road cemetery corner/A7, yet the banking in the park is still cut? Is it to save money?