Letting the train take the strain

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Having read the Talking Point about train fares on the Borders line, individuals are certainly entitled to their opinions.

I think that just under a tenner is a great deal. My wife and I travel north occasionally, by car, and there are enormous roadworks taking place – and I believe a tunnel is being constructed in preparation for the railway. When the trains start operating, we will certainly be using them. OK, we will have to motor to Tweedbank, but once we are on the train I think it will be wonderful.

When motoring to Edinburgh, one has to purchase fuel, then it gets stressful driving in the city traffic, finding car parking and feeding hungry meters. Or driving into a big car park, remembering where you park the car and paying for parking. Then take into account the wear and tear on the vehicle, do your shopping or whatever in Edinburgh, and then motor all the way back to Hawick.

I am sure all that expense would quite easily exceed a tenner per person on a train.

Travelling by train, remember that you will be looked after and driven by a professional train driver, and you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride (no potholes) and hopefully relax during the journey. I think that will be well worth a tenner.

Allan Watt

Weensland Road