‘Lacklustre’ councillor urged to quit

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After being found guilty by the Standards Commission, I am not alone in thinking that instead of waiting to be suspended from Scottish Borders Council, that Councillor Alistair Cranston should do the proper thing and tender his immediate resignation and withdraw from public life for good as his credibility is nearly non-existent.

Since his election just over two years ago, his performance has been lacklustre to say the least and he’d be little or no miss as a councillor in the Hawick and Denholm ward.

Mr Cranston has obviously put his commercial interests before the electorate’s, and many had hoped that as a new face he would breathe some fresh air into the often stuffy politics of the council chamber, but sadly this hasn’t been the case.

Also, as a long-time SNP voter, I hope the local party takes some form of disciplinary action against him for damaging its credibility with the electorate.

Should Councillor Cranston survive to fight another election in 2017, there is no way I or many others will vote for him. And I would say to him to please go and go quickly for the sake of Hawick and Denholm.

Ellen Pearce