Info sought on ex-rugby star and jeweller

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I am hoping that by publishing this letter, it will jog someone’s memory about my late father, William Thomson Ingles, who was born in Hawick in 1882, played rugby for the Greens, both 15-a-side and sevens, during the early 1900s.

When he died in 1971 his belongings were returned to me. He had several photographs of himself as part of the Hawick rugby team. He also played for the South of Scotland against a Canadian touring side. Unfortunately, when I received my father’s belongings, the rugby photographs were missing and I have never been able to locate them.

My father had two nephews in Hawick, Adam and Jim Ingles, who used to have the jewellers shop in the Sandbed and then on the High Street. But they, too, are deceased. I have no other relatives in Hawick who could assist me. My Father passed away in Weens House and at the time of his death I did try to find the photographs but Weens House advised my solicitor that nothing had been found.

Before I married and came to Australia, I was Jean Ingles and lived wth my father in Allars Crescent. I was secretary to W. E. Kyle, then managing director of Lyle & Scott.

If any information is forthcoming, I would grateful if details could be handed in to the Hawick News office in Towerdykeside. Thank you in advance to anyone who can assist me in this regard.

Jean Donaldson (Mrs)