Hut tickets were sold out then sold on

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We are now into the last week of the Common-Riding celebrations and this quicentenary year is proving very popular with returning exiles, and the number of people requiring tickets for functions, especially the Huts, has no doubt increased greatly.

The queue for Hut tickets started at 7.30pm on Friday, May 23, before they went on sale at 9am the following day. The tickets were in high demand and sold out quickly.

Since then, people have been selling Hut tickets at inflated prices purely to make money, with Friday Hut ones going for up to £100 and £50 for the Thursday morning.

This infuriates me as I couldn’t get all the tickets I wanted, and it seems people were just buying them on the day with no intention of using them, and only interested in selling them on to make a quick buck. People who have supported the Common-Riding for many years have lost out on some functions this year because of this as they will not pay the inflated prices being sought.

On not getting a ticket, I emailed the Common Riding Committee to ask to be put onto a waiting list if any became available. I received the following response: “I really don’t think we will have a waiting list as every ticket we had was sold this morning and I very much doubt anyone will return any to us.”

I’ve since heard that the committee printed more tickets for the Thursday night Hut. So surely after initially emailing the committee to say I didn’t have one, I thought they would have contacted me to let me know more had been made available?

Mark Neil