Hawick CCTV issue ‘comes down to credibility’

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Police Scotland has had its difficulties over the last few months, in particular: stop and search, armed police, call centres (Bilston Glen), and the early resignation of the country’s top policeman, Sir Steven House.

But surely when it comes down to local policing,Inspector Carol Wood knows the lie of the land? The inspector was quite right to highlight the flaws in the town’s CCTV cameras in last week’s Hawick News.

Yes, Councillors Ron Smith, George Turnbull and Davie Paterson paid for them [from the Quality of Life Fund]. But what do they really know about how the cameras function? Complaining publically really does not solve the problem.

Then there was a Scottish Borders Council spokesperson, whoever he or she is, saying one thing or another. I believe that it all comes down to credibility, and if I was asked to pick between the trio of Hawick councillors and Inspector Wood, I would pick the latter.

In my opinion, the Inspector does know what she is talking about. She has nothing to prove either personally or politically, and is just doing her job trying to protect us.

Jamie Batten