‘Hasty decision’ on Indy vote

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ReGARDING last week’s letter from Wilma Rule – she states she has gone from 99.9 per cent YES to 100 per cent NO on Scotland’s independence due to a delay in getting a definitive reply from Holyrood over the Euro.

I wonder how strong her commitment to YES really was? Would she revert back to YES if she receives a reply, say, one week before the referendum? A month before? Six months before? Or is she now an irrevocable NO?

The Scottish Government has stated unequivocably that it will adopt the Pound Sterling as its currency in an independent Scotland. The facts are laid out in the White Paper to support this approach.

Scotland will negotiate for continued membership of the EU from within the EU. This being the case, it is impossible for the EU to force Scotland to adopt the Euro.

Also, after a YES vote, the Westminster Government will be in there fighting Scotland’s corner to allow it to retain the pound, regardless of any noises to the contrary from the NO camp.

It is overwhelmingly in the best interests of the rest of the UK for Scotland to retain the pound (it is estimated that it would cost the UK at least half-a-billion pounds if Scotland had a different currency). The Bank of England (that is part owned by Scotland, incidentally) has already entered into discussions with the Scottish Government to this effect.

I would urge Ms Rule to hold back on her rather hasty decision to jump from the view that an independent Scotland is the best way forward to the rather fearful “better the devil you know” position.

There are great historical events in motion right now, and perhaps her reply from the Scottish Government will just have to wait a little bit longer. Also, when she does eventually receive a reply, I trust she will write to this newspaper again and let us know what it says.