‘Greatest care’for dementia sufferers

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It was with some concern that I read the article in the Sunday Post on how dementia sufferers are being badly treated. And also how they are afraid to go into care or nursing homes.

My wife Christina was in hospital with dementia for around nine weeks from November 2012. Then, between February and July of this year, she was in Borders General Hospital’s dementia ward, Cauldshields. I would visit her five or six times a week, sometimes two times a day.

I can assure your readers that the staff there from the cleaners up to the top doctor showed the greatest love, care and affection to these dementia sufferers, which will stay in my mind forever.

I would like to assure anyone unfortunate enough to be suffering from dementia that they will be well taken care of at Cauldshiels and that goes for nursing homes, too.

I now have my wife of 64 years back home, and if I find that I am unable to take care of her, I have no fear of her going into a nursing home, as she has been in St Andrew’s during times when I’ve been in the BGH, and the staff there are great and very caring.

Johnny Handley