GP’s farewell for new life down under

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My wife and I recently left Hawick to live and work in Wellington, New Zealand, for the next five years. We feel excitement and anticipation for the adventure ahead, tinged with some sadness and regret at bidding farewell to friends and colleagues, and to our home town for these past 24 years.

However, we take with us cherished memories of
the beautiful Borders, of
Hawick and her good-hearted folk.

I have been touched and humbled to receive so many messages, letters and cards from patients prior to our departure, wishing us both well for the future. I would like to express my sincere, heartfelt thanks to all those who have taken the time and trouble to do so – it is very much appreciated, and means a lot to both of us.

We will return to Hawick in five years’ time, all being well – we left knowing we might return to an independent Scotland, but the referendum result was imparted to us in-flight!

However, I expect little of substance would have changed in the grey auld toon in such circumstances – after all, Hawick was ever independent!

Dr Alastair Palmer