‘Get a grip’ on weed-hit cemetery

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Through your columns, I would like to express the feelings of disgust that my sister and I had while on a visit to Wilton Cemetery to lay flowers on our parents’ grave to mark the anniversary of our mother’s death.

The weeds were as high as the headstones and the whole placed looked as though it had just been abandoned. Many of the graves have sunk a considerable depth and need levelling. I understand that the cemetery is full, but it is still in use, to should be kept maintained.

I would like to ask Scottish Borders Council how this has been allowed to happen, as it has stopped nearly every other service to which the people of Hawick are entitled through payment of the Council Tax. The local authority was able to employ two chief executives at extortionate rates of pay, yet cannot maintain this cemetery.

It’s about time SBC got a grip and started working for the Borders.

D. Ferguson

On visiting Wilton Cemetery to lay flowers at my father-in-law’s grave I was met witha sight which shocked and disgusted me. The grass had been cut but that was the extent of the work done. No strumming or even spraying of weed killer around headstones. What a mess.

In the past, I could never have found fault with Wilton Cemetery as it was always one of the best-kept cemeteries in the area. We are fortunate to be able to tend to the grave ourselves and do any tiding round about it. Not every one buried there are as fortunate.

I know there have been a lot of cost-cutting measures, but surely cutting back weeds in such a sacred place should not be one of them.

Anne Bain