Flodden event flags up principal issues

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I write in disbelief after reading the Hawick News last week Friday, July 19, that Philip Murray has asked a bunch of weel kent faces to represent our town in the Border celebrations to commemorate the battle of Flodden in 1513 – ‘Hawick set to flag up 500th anniversary of Flodden battle with special ride and concert’.

Surely our representation of riders should have been our Cornet Chris Ritson, his Left and Right and his Acting Father. These are the people that the townsfolk and kids of the town look up to and would want to see the 1513 flag carried over our countryside and through our town.

I have the utmost respect for Ex-Cornet Murray, being as he is a life member of the Common-Riding Committee and, indeed, all the weel kent faces he has picked are great Common-Riding men. But I believe a thing like this should have been decided by the Hawick Common-Riding Committee and not Mr Murray. In fact, I am a bit disappointed by the 1513 Flodden Club who have gone through Philip and not the Hawick Common-Riding Committee.

Surely this decision has to be reversed and our principals given this honour and the folk of Hawick will rally roond them.


1514 Committee member

I HAVE been struggling for some days now to understand the thinking behind the town’s participation in the Flodden commemorations.

While I have no doubt that those selected to carry the flag on this special ride are Hawick worthies and Common-Riding stalwarts, what makes them any different from the many other hundreds who support our annual event?

And why, if other towns are happy for their principals to carry the flag, should we not afford our own Cornet Chris Ritson that honour? He has been a tremendous ambassador for the town and surely deserves it.