Dog fouling: no solution in sight

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Further to last week’s story on Councillor Davie Paterson’s startling admission that Scottish Borders Council hasn’t handed out any dog fouling fines in the last six months, I would like to put it to Mr Paterson that, in my opinion, this is an appalling derelection of the local authority’s duty in which he is utterly complicit.

As the portfolio holder responsible for addressing this dreadful blight on Hawick, doesn’t Mr Paterson realise that Teries can’t even walk around in their town admiring the surroundings, because they’re constantly having to look down at the pavements, otherwise there’s a significant risk of stepping into a huge pile of dog dirt.

But still Mr Paterson is simply unable to come up with any sort of meaningful solution. Perhaps he should seek advice from Dumfries and Galloway Council, whose community wardens issued 26 fixed penalty notices from April to September last year.

Dog fouling can be tackled, Mr Paterson, but the will has to be there from yourself and your council cronies.

B. Reid