‘Disgusting’ dog mess is everywhere

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I’m a local dog walker, and no

matter where I am, what day of the week it is, or what the weather’s like, I almost always come across some dog dirt that some irresponsible owner just couldn’t be bothered to clean up.

I see the mess on pavements that we all have to share. I see the mess on the lawns of people who want nothing more than a nice patch of grass. I see the mess everywhere, and, quite frankly, it’s disgusting, and there’s absolutely no excuse for it.

On any given day, I walk between three and eight dogs as well as my own, and no matter how cold or hot it is, no matter how tired I am, no matter how many times I’ve already done it that day, I clean up after them.

It’s not hard. I collect the mess in a plastic bag, tie the bag up, find a bin and throw it away. It takes me all of a few extra seconds, so don’t give me any crap (pun intended) about how you can’t pick up after your dog.

‘’What if I don’t have any plastic bags?” you might be asking. Good question. When I’m at work, some of the owners of the dogs provide me with bags. But for the few that don’t, I keep a roll of plastic bags with me at all times. “Then I’d have to buy bags?” I hear you say. Perhaps. But you know what? It’s not expensive. I bought a roll of 150 scented bags for just 99p.

Or, if you prefer, just keep your plastic bags after you go shopping, and simply store them next to your dog’s leash. Please don’t try and tell me you can’t get plastic bags.

And so, fellow dog owners of Hawick, I beg you, please clean up after your pets. It takes almost no time or effort and can go a long way towards making your neighborhood look as beautiful as all neighborhoods in Hawick should.

Lisa Bell