Cuts mean we’re paying the same for less!

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IN RESPONSE last week’s letter from Councillor Davie Paterson, I strongly disagree with the amount of cuts being made to local services, including waste management and refuse collections.

I find it a bit ironic that Scottish Borders Council’s website carries a line on the Council Tax pages which says “Your contribution to the cost of local services.” Although I realise that the Council Tax has been frozen since 2007-08, the council is therefore expecting people to pay the same for less! An example being the bin collections (including garden waste) being made fortnightly in 2010. So there is one service that has already been reduced which people are paying for.

Also, Councillor Paterson quite rightly says that the Scottish Government has had its budget reduced by the British Government by 11 per cent, therefore “the Scottish Government, in turn, has to make cuts to councils”. But, with such a drastic budget shortfall, why is it that senior executives at the local authority continue to take home outlandish six-figure salaries, some being paid more than the Prime Minister? Surely if the council was struggling, then they would take a pay cut to help?

Also, just wondering why it is that while reading the From the Archives section in this newspaper, that the same problems and issues are “getting dealt with” by the same councillors?