Councillor’s efforts to shift responsibility

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Councillor Davie Paterson, an executive member of Scottish Borders Council, has made a very serious allegation against a fellow executive member, council leader David Parker. This follows his allegation, reported via the Hawick News, that his last-minute change of mind to support the tapestry project only came about as a result of a threat made by Councillor Parker to remove funding for the Heart of Hawick. I look forward to seeing how this is explained away.

Concerning as that allegation might be, Councillor Paterson’s efforts to shift the burden of responsibility away from himself by stating that “the Hawick councillors who voted against the tapestry have done the town no favours and may have jeopardised future council funding” is a gross insult to myself, my like-minded colleagues and those who we represent.

If Councillor Paterson does not have the stomach to fight for what is right, challenging what he alleges are actions we would all recognise of a bully, how can those he purports to represent have any confidence in him?

Recently, this man accused me (and Andrew Farquhar) of deliberately misleading the public in relation to dialogue concerning the council’s decision to remove garden waste collections. In his recent Hawick News Soap Box and in a separate email circulated to many in the area, Councillor Paterson made it clear that he would not at “any cost” support the tapestry.

Within seven days, he had turned full circle, committing local council tax-payers to a 30-year debt of £6.3million. I will leave it to your readers and future voters to decide who is doing the misleading.

Councillor Watson McAteer