Councillor Paterson’s ill-judged photo opportunity

I write to express my anger after reading last week’s edition in which there was a story on Councillor Davie Paterson who was “disgusted” at yet another fly-tipping incident in the town involving garden waste.

Was he not the man whose [environmental services] department at the council was behind the proposal that our garden refuse collections be taken away in the first place?

Was he not the man who stated throught this very newspaper that he would not allow one dime of public money to be spent on the Great Tapestry of Scotland, before then joining councillors Ron Smith and Alastair Cranston in voting for it to happen?

I can predict that in the near future he is going to be telling us that rats have been seen in his ward due to the recently rolled-out food waste collections – of which yet again he was a champion!

I would urge Councillor Paterson to think long and hard before he poses for such a picture again, while having a real hard think about his actions and, more importantly, about those who won’t be
voting for him next time around.

Name and address withheld by request

Having been elected to Roxburgh District Council the same night as Davie Paterson in 1988, I came to realise over the eight years I spent with him at council that he was not able to conform to any dictat or behaviour that was expected of an elected member. He enjoyed contention, was always ready to put the cat among the pigeons, was an attention-seeker, argumentative and a loose canon. And if he was criticised it was just water off a duck’s back.

In last week’s Hawick News, Mr Paterson was furious about the dumping of garden waste at the Nipknowes. No-one will condone that action, but it was under his watch that the green bin collections were axed to begin with.

Talking about mess, when will we hear about the much-trumpeted dog mess strategy? Another mess is Hawick’s historic Mote. The introduction of the brown bins (although a Scottish Government directive), again under Mr Paterson’s portfolio.

Councillor Paterson cannot go on bleating. All the aforementioned issues are basically his responsibility. If he can’t handle them, he should resign.

Jamie Batten