Councillor Paterson’s ‘appalling’ behaviour

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Over the past two weeks since the last Teviot and Liddesdale Area Forum meeting, you reporter Colin Purvis has been correct in his comments about Councillor Davie Paterson, including the fish-and-chip debacle. I was at the meeting in question and was appalled at Mr Paterson’s behaviour.

I also noticed him with his head down for some considerable time while operating what was obviously an electronic tablet device, during both the Borders Sport and Leisure Trust presentation, and again later when forum chairman, Councillor George Turnbull, was reading the fire service report. It smacked of a real lack of respect for those present and is akin to answering a mobile phone or texting during a meeting, both of which, in my opinion, are ignorant actions.

Also, when the subject of there being no dog wardens was discussed, chairman Turnbull reminded Councillor Paterson that he was one of those at Scottish Borders Council who voted to get rid of them. Mr Paterson’s immediate reaction was to sit beaming with a great big smile on his face. He obviously thought the chairman’s comment was funny, but it wasn’t. Again a complete lack of respect for the chair.

I also have to agree with your reporter’s observations about Councillor Alastair Cranston and his complete lack of input at the meeting. Perhaps he should stand down and let Burnfoot and Denholm have a by-

And finally, as for Jamie Batten, well, let’s face it, his bad manners and buffoonery have long had their day and maybe it’s time for him, too, to reflect upon retiral from public life.

I have also heard that Mr Batten is very quiet these days at Burnfoot Community Council meetings on the subject of law and order on the estate, or should it be law and disorder? Perhaps he could enlighten your readers as to why this is?

Hamish Campbell