Councillor hits out at ‘confused’ critic

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In response to Ian Middlemass’s letter on grass-cutting at Burnfoot (Hawick News, May 2), why didn’t he just phone me or one of the ward councillors to ask what was happening?

While I haven’t received a telephone call, can I just assure him that Scottish Borders Council has cut all its areas in Burnfoot, so he’ll have to be a bit more specific about which particular parts of the estate are causing him concern. Was Mr Middlemass not informed by his ward councillors that there is a new contractor, employed by Scottish Borders Housing Association to do all its grass maintenance, and they are cutting SBHA-owned land in Burnfoot as we speak?

I think there is a possibility that Mr Middlemass is confused as to what land is owned by SBHA and what areas belong to SBC. Incidentally, I’ve not had any of the Burnfoot councillors mention to me about grass not being cut, so I find it strange that Mr Middlemass should criticise me in the paper.

Can I suggest that in future he checks who actually owns the land on which the grass is growing before running to the press.

Also, while along the High Street on Saturday, I bumped into several people from Burnfoot who were horrified that Mr Middlemass had compared Burnfoot to Beirut – one of the world’s worst trouble spots. They said he had no idea of the pain that such ill-chosen words have caused the community.

Councillor Davie Paterson