Candidates say thanks for votes

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May I, through your columns, sincerely thank all of those in the Hawick and Denholm ward who voted for me last Thursday and those many friends who provided support during the course of the by-election.

I know that I have a hard act to follow and will work full-time, totally focused on this area, intent on improving the quality of life of our residents and creating opportunity for all.

I look forward to working closely with my fellow councillors, and I’m sure our collective energy will be a significant factor in achieving the success that will benefit all who live, work or visit our fantastic town and area.

Watson McAteer

Councillor for Hawick and Denholm

My thanks go to those who cast their vote last Thursday in the Hawick and Denholm by-election. Irrespective of who you voted for, you at least did your bit for democracy.

I am very disappointed, however, that the turnout was not higher, with only 39.24 per cent of the electorate voting. For those people who didn’t exercise their right to vote, you cannot complain if the person you would have liked to be your councillor, didn’t get elected. You must use your right to vote.

My thanks go to the other candidates who stood for election, making it a clean and interesting campaign. I may not have won, but I did enjoy the experience. My congratulations go to Watson McAteer in being successfully elected for the Hawick and Denholm ward.

Thanks must also go to Andrew Farquhar for his efforts in trying to enthuse the voting public by arranging the four hustings he chaired. Andrew put a lot of effort into these meetings, only to be faced with the apathy of the public who did not attend. It was not only frustrating for him, but for the candidates as well.

Ian Turnbull

Scottish Liberal Democrats

I would like to thank all who turned out to vote for me at the Hawick and Denholm by-election. I also commend the good reporting of the Hawick News, and Andrew Farquhar for organizing the hustings. Congratulations to the newly-elected member, Watson McAteer.

Harry Stoddart


I would just like to thank all those who voted for me in the Hawick and Denholm by-election, your support was very much appreciated.

It was just not meant to be and maybe I could have done more seeking votes but my time was well used anyway and I met some lovely folks on the way.

Thanks also to my very small team of helpers, more so my husband Gordon for his contribution.

It was certainly an experience, even just to see the political parties in full election mode.

Congratulations are due to Watson McAteer on his successful campaign and election, and I hope he will be supportive of the community council in the future and work with us in all the projects we undertake.

Marion Short


I would just like to thank everyone who voted for me last Thursday, and I really do wish Watson McAteer the best of luck.

Craig Bryson