Cameron’s background comes to the fore

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Prime Minister David Cameron was in Hawick last week, apparently. Although if it wasn’t for reading about it in the Hawick News the next day I wouldn’t have had a clue he was even here.

He arrived in the dark, before being whisked away to a local factory for a stage-managed photo opportunity.How typical of the former PR man.

Contrast this with [Lib Dem leader] Nick Clegg’s recent visit to the Borders, when he openly met and shook hands with local people in the Market Place,Selkirk, before conducting a series of interviews on the street.

Mr Cameron’s visit to the region shows the Tories really think they can win this seat.However, local MP Michael Moore has beaten the Tories on four occasions since 1997, and I see no reason why he won’t make it five in May.

Marjorie McCreadie