Bus drivers lack civility, says passenger

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In reference to the letter about a bus driver (Hawick News, August 23), I, too, have experienced much the same.

I was travelling to Hawick from Galashiels and queried the bus destination, when the driver rudely asked me if I could read?

I pointed out it had 73 on the front, which I know only goes as far as Selkirk, and he snapped: “Well I must have forgot to bloddy change it then.”

On another occasion at Edinburgh bus station, waiting at stance nine, the driver rather abruptly asked me when he came back from his break: “Huh! are you waiting on the bloody bus already?” I replied that forming a queue to board a bus was usually what passengers did. On both occasions the driver was from Hawick, and his reputation precedes him. The words please and thank you are clearly not in his vocabulary. A little civility goes a long way. Without passengers using the transport, bus drivers would be out of a job.


Thanks for assistance

I WOULD like to thank the kind gentleman who assisted me from the High Street to the health centre on Wednesday, August 14.